There’s no doubt installing window film is one of the best ways to improve the look of your vehicle. You’ll notice the sleek, custom look as soon as the installation is complete. It’s just one of the many benefits you’ll get from high quality, high performance film. As you drive, you’ll find your vehicle is cooler and more comfortable. It’s safer and the interior is less likely to fade. There are many reasons to have Pro-Tint install window film on your vehicle’s windows.  Read More.


Increased comfort begins the instant that Pro-Tint window film is installed. Its impressive solar control properties dramatically soften the effects of direct sunlight, providing a much more pleasant atmosphere, conducive to productivity. You don’t have to worry about strong glare, washed out computer screens, and uncomfortable hot spots distracting your employees. Best of all, building temperatures are easier to regulate and maintain. That means happier guests, tenants, business owners, and property managers.  Read More.


Harmful ultraviolet radiation is constantly pouring through your windows, making distant memories of the rich colors that used to adorn your fabrics, art, and woodwork. Additionally, windows allow in large amounts of solar heat and visible light–two serious contributors to fading. Pro-Tint window film helps fight these enemies of your interior by keeping almost 100% of ultraviolet radiation out of your home, and dramatically reducing the solar heat and visible light that eat away at the color of your valuables. It’s like sunscreen for your home, significantly increasing the life and beauty of your interior. Read More.

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